VDR Value Your Value Explanation
Channel Name Name of the Channel      Wiki
Network Provider - eg BSkyB, SkyItalia, Sky etc
Frequency TP Frequency eg 11223      Wiki
Polarisation Polarisation of signal      Wiki
FEC Enter without "/" eg 3/4 = 34
DVB-S/DVB-S2 Channel Type - DVB-S or S2 (SD or HD)
Satellite Satellite list taken from sources.conf      Wiki
SR Symbol Rate      Wiki
VPID Video PID      Wiki
PCR Enter even if it is the same as VPID
APID Audio PID - Only enter first language value      Wiki
TPID TXT - Teletext PID      Wiki
CAID Conditional Access ID - Leave as 0 if unknown      Wiki
SID Service ID      Wiki
NID Network ID      Wiki
TID Transport Stream ID      Wiki
RID Radio ID. Typically 0.      Wiki
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